Tuesday, June 20, 2017

“I was thinking about you, and how everything is so changed and how there’s no time, there’s no more time for us, and for a second—a single second—I wished I could go back to how things were before.”

Friday, June 2, 2017

He is the moon in the dark, night sky—sometimes, a part of him is hidden away; other times, he shows all of him at once.

As you stumble upon the twilight of a shuttered room, the moon arrives bringing incandescence to you. He will be your guide when you thought you will never find your path. He will be your guard as you walk through the dangerous mountain trails.

Like the moon, he is the mentor of persons in need of light.

He will teach you things beyond alphabet and balarila. He will teach you what pieces of information (basically, everything) you need to gather to make a story worth sharing.

He will train you to do things you never thought you could do in your lifetime. He will train you to go to risky places doing risky things on your own, so you will experience first-hand the tale you are about to tell the world.

As you try to stand against your nightmares, the moon turns up begetting illumination to you. He will be your guide, guard, mentor, trainer...and sometimes maybe, just maybe, a friend.

At the end of the day, the moon will always be there, even after you have found your own light. He will likewise continue to go up as he incessantly yields effortless flare making nobody else fit better than him.

Congrats on your promotion, Boss!!! 😊

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Let me tell you what freedom looks like.

It is when the sun rises and its ray comes through the blinds of your room, and you greet the world good morning.

It is when you dance while drinking your coffee fix and sing through cooking your usual breakfast that you didn’t realize sooner you already burnt.

It is when you daydream in the shower and practice the lines you plan to drop with your office crush.

It is when the train you ride every day to work stops midway, but it doesn’t affect your mood the entire day.

It is when the cafeteria releases the lunch menu with your least favorite dish on it, but you still happily chew all ingredients it contains.

It is when you go home with a smile on your face despite the exhaustion.

It is when the springs on your bed start to appear, and they hurt your back but you have a good night’s sleep somehow.

Freedom looks like everything around you goes well, but it doesn’t. You enjoy your day anyway, because you know that you are indeed free—free from worry, free from heebie jeebies, free from the burden you used to carry every single moment of every damn day.