Must Be Love

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

From best friends to lovers. They say it’s impossible for heterosexual friends to be just (best) friends without one having romantic feelings for another, or both.

First impressions never last, indeed. Star Cinema’s latest film, Must Be Love, was surprisingly magnificent. Must Be Love starred the rising popularity of the love team, “Kathniel.” I never intended seeing it because, excuse to all fans, I did not really like their tandem. Nonetheless, the chemistry Patricia aka Patchot (Kathryn Bernardo) and Ivan (Daniel Padilla) changed my perception throughout the movie.

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The plot could have been the typical platonic friendship becoming some romantic relationship, but the slow mo (slow motion) belief of King (John Estrada), Patchot’s father, added to the agreeable impact of the film. He declared that when you see the love of your life, everything around you turns in slow mo. You see no one but him/her.

Patchot had a slow mo moment with her childhood best friend, Ivan. They were playing basketball one day, and her environment was suddenly in downtempo movement, then the ball accidentally hit her head. Fallen onto the ground, Patchot subconsciously uttered to Ivan the words, “I love you.”

Ivan had the same incident three months later, only that time was he had a girlfriend—Angel (Liza Soberano), Patchot’s cousin. Things became complicated until the main characters finally had the courage to tell each other how they really felt. For all one knows, Tita Baby (John Lapus), had seen that it was Patchot and Ivan in the end.

Fast forward moment, not slow motion, was it for Ivan. It meant seeing your future with the one. For him, it was his best friend and his true love in one. Later, it would neither be slow mo nor fast forward. It would just be that moment you have been waiting for.