Wednesday, July 24, 2013

As the heavy rain started to pour, my academic interest went down and my creative juice crawled up. Comfortably sitting across the window, listening to classic songs, and drinking ice-blended The Original Mocha, I decided to abandon my literary reading and begin writing for my everyday project.

It’s usual allotting my Wednesdays to thesis, but today, it has someone to share it with. I dined in with my soon-to-be geologist friend, Angelou, at Pizza Hut for some fancy, affordable snacks since she begged for real food. I almost didn’t finish my pasta because I consumed more than an hour talking, (still) fantasizing over something that has happened a month ago. When it was her turn to tell stories, it was also time for her to leave for her 5pm training. And that goes to my friends’ debt list.

Rarely do I remember taking pictures together when I’m with old (I don’t mean what you’re thinking) friends because I’d rather have those times having conversations with them. But it’s good to document times like this, of course. There’s always next time anyway! And she has her selfies too!