Facebook Messenger

Sunday, November 17, 2013

I realized while I was in the bathroom for my routine, that the list that has been bothering me since I updated my Facebook Messenger last night, might be something.

There’s this star before the alphabetically arranged names and I don’t know what it represents. I’m obsessive-compulsive (OC) and I want it just alphabetically arranged. So I asked some friends what could it mean and they said, “The people under the ‘star’ are those you talk with the most.” Fine, you own the highest in the hierarchy of the-people-I-talk-with-the-most. But it doesn’t mean I’m on the top of your list too, does it?

Then I thought that in life, even though we prioritize people in our lives to the point they go first in almost everything, it doesn’t guarantee that we are their priorities too. It sucks, so never prioritize people. Self should go first. Or family. And God. But never others.