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Sunday, June 24, 2012

After a long Saturday, I have realized something worthwhile. So this morning, I have attended my Information Technology in the Newsroom class, have taken lunch at home, then have gone to SM Fairview to watch Kimmy Dora and the Temple of Kiyeme with my mom and sister.

While we were on our way home, I asked my mom for her opinion about me planning to join the AB Chorale. “Oo, okay lang. Bakit hindi ka na lang sa Varsitarian?” she said. “Ako? MagVarsitarian? Eh kung pumasa.” I replied. And the conversation went on until we finally arrived at our house.

I have discerned at a sudden moment that my responses during the small talk with my mom, have been sounding like a person with very low self-confidence. Consciously, that was definitely not I. Subconsciously, I probably was. And it has bothered me a lot. Maybe I can do better, or maybe I can do best, but I have only been doing good. Hence, I have thought that throughout the 14 years I spent in school, I have only been reaching for the average — to pass. Then I have realized that is not enough.

At the back of my mind, little voices of an unknown seemed to play — “Kung member ka ng Varsitarian, edi baka mas magustuhan ka niya,” etc. Funny as it sounds, but yes, that person has been inspiring me since day one. He was never a distraction. I can still picture how he has motivated me to study, to do well in class, to ace the exams, and the like, just so he would notice me.

Right now, I am thinking not just of joining the Varsitarian or auditioning for AB Chorale, but of the future demands and occurrences I have to face, I must be more self-assertive than I have been. Nobody will believe in me the way I could believe in myself. From now on, I must trust myself more for I know my own strengths and weaknesses, and the limits of my capabilities. Do not simply achieve to pass, but achieve to excel.

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  1. Do what you would love to do. Do it not because that someone will love to see you do it.