Dearest Kina Grannis

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Out of the many acoustic and pop female singers, Kina Grannis is my most favorite. Randomly searching for new songs and great covers in YouTube, I remember finding Kina Grannis’ cover with Gabe Bondoc, Let it Snow. It was last Christmas season when I started listening to her covers and songs, then soon downloaded most of them. Valentine became my all-time-favorite, so did Together. Whenever I listen to these two songs whether I am in a good or bad vibes, they effortlessly boost my mood and uplift my soul.

© Kina Grannis 
Never did I realize that not just the two songs inspire me to do certain things, but almost all of her songs still do. They also motivate me to discover and develop my talents, especially in music. I used to write songs when I was young. I played guitar and taught myself to do piano. Galvanized by Kina’s music, I plan to spend my leisure time in continuity of my passion other than writing, instead of passing hours on Facebook, 9gag, Tumblr, etc. Maybe someday, I will be able to share how musically-inclined I am, but for now, I am excitedly looking forward to her Manila Tour on August 8 this year.

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