Time is Platinum

Monday, June 18, 2012

Out of my Biological and Environmental Science professor, Mr. Neil Lumanlan’s, few quotable quotes, this one never left my memory: “Time is not gold. It is platinum.” And his explanation? It was simply because platinum is more ductile and pricey than gold. It might be too literal, but it, in fact, makes sense.

Ever since that moment, I came to realize how important time is. I started being way organized with my plans and well-ordered with my schedule on a particular day. In effect, my agendas are fulfilled on time and deadlines are always met.

However, this morning was probably the worst morning (so far) of my college life. I woke up with intensely heavy rain and actually hoped for a suspension of classes. To know such information, I kept myself updated via Twitter and watched Umagang Kay Ganda, for faster news. But I got disappointed. Furthermore, it piqued me when Umagang Kay Ganda featured the current weather status in España, Manila, where University of Santo Tomas or UST is located. It was not raining there and traffic was perfectly fine, which are most likely the reasons why UST did not suspend morning classes. So despite the inclement weather, I decided to go to school.

Right when I rode the FX (public vehicle), I fell asleep for I assume an hour of travel. Being a little bit uncomfortable with the person beside me, I awoke, looked outside, and glanced at my watch; only to realize one and a half hour had passed and I am still far from school. After all the distress, I arrived at the thought of inconsideration. Yes, it might not be raining that very moment in UST, but that does not completely make sense because not all students, faculties, and staffs live near the place. And this is where dorm issues come in.

Nonetheless, although I missed my first class, it was worth attending my last two. And at least when I was on my way home, the weather is not as bad as it was this morning.

Now, I value my time twice as much that I would do every little thing I can in every second I have, for time is “platinum” enough.

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