Like Yesterday

Saturday, July 21, 2012

After around eight months, this man is sort of coming back. No, he never left, but the man I thought he was did. And that man seems to be coming back today. We are good friends, not until distance rose between us late last year. It was not easy to get the comfort back, but I am pretty sure that we both tried. Maybe it was the people around us that caused such distance.

Very little did we talk during those months when awkwardness dominated us. One or the other acts as if he or she did not see another. Sometimes, we easily run out of words to say. I or he even stutters when we talk. Restless and uneasy are the best descriptions for us when the presence of both rise. I know, I felt it, there was something.

Yes, I cannot deny I terribly miss those times when it shows how close we were, how corny I got, how sweet he was, how we got better after a shallow fight, how happy we were when together. I have thought I could never get those things back. Not even those wonderful feelings I had. So I threw all the expectations, together with disappointments, away. I have gone like this for months, too, but kept myself busy with other stuff to at least forget.

Letting go of what we had and moving on with my life? I was close enough! Recently, he has been near again. He sends me messages first. He greets me “good morning” and “good night.” He is being all too sweet again. And no, I do not know what I should feel about it.

Nevertheless, what else is there left to say? What else is there to feel, if not this way? Oh how ironic can this be! Am I in love again, like yesterday? ♥

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