No Regrets, Just Be Honest

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It has been a month since I had a cutthroat argument with an old friend. It was a childish and immature issue for her, but a trust and of course, serious issue for me. It was not so long since we first met in the same class we were enrolled in. We had the same ideas and we shared interests, which were most likely why we became friends and close friends, eventually.

For almost a year of friendship, there were no shallow fights or intense quarrels, until that day came. I am a very honest person and as such, I hate lies. Naturally, whether white or not, everyone lies. Even I. However, I believe that there is a limit to everything. Lie to me for once, twice, but never numerous times. Sad to say, that old friend stretched the truth for quite a few times.

To make the story short, I confronted her — that I am no longer comfortable being with her almost everyday, since I knew about her lying. I did not help, but doubt the other things she has told or showed me. Her reliability was then unintentionally questioned by me. I told her how disappointed I was and the like. I tried to make her aware of such hoping it would put me at ease, but it happened otherwise. She defended herself instead of simply apologizing and assuring me she would not do it again. She even interchanged and threw the blame on me. “Makapagsalita ka kala mo napakalinis mo...” she said. The issue was about her lying, not me, right?

It was still a lengthy wrangle to talk about in a detailed manner. My mistake? I probably did not think deep enough what are the possible results of my action. I selflessly admit I was closed to some ideas only at that time, and I am sorry for that. Now, yes, I have lost a “friend” and I am not sure if that is something to regret. Anyway, it only proved that friends come and go, but only the best ones stay forever. ☺

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  1. Had a similar experience not too long ago - we destroyed it teamwork style! It happens, you move on. You find new friends. You find better ones.

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