Ríco Gélato

Sunday, July 15, 2012

July 11 and July 15 are the birth dates of my second maternal grandmother and sister, respectively. For the joint celebration last Wednesday night, my dad, my mom, and I decided to buy cakes for the celebrants. On our way home, we dropped by Amici in Tomas Morato to purchase birthday cakes.

Mom and I wanted to have Mango Passion, the one we first had a flavor of, but its stocks are no longer available at that time. So since mom left the decision in me, I searched for the most alluring, enticing, and inviting gelato cakes. And there I found and chose Mango Sans Rival and Banana Blast. They indeed taste as good as they look like they are — sweet, but not too sickly. We added a “happy birthday” greeting with their respective names made of milk chocolate, and white chocolate for the base.

Aside from Caramia’s luscious gelato cakes, are the flavorful gelato themselves. While at the counter paying for the bill, I was staring at the beguiling rows of gelato. Lacking resistance, I had a taste of Pistachio, while mom got a soupçon of Toffee Almond Roca. Bestsellers are also the “best tastes.” Desserts from Amici are indubitably lip-smacking and yummy. However, never forget to keep in mind the amount of serving we eat so we can have a moderation of sweets — just the size we need.

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