So Many Reads, So Little Time

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Newspapers, feature articles, personality profiles, blotters, history books, and literary texts are all I face ever since the first semester of academic year 2012-2013 has started. This was not all I expected, but anyway, I am here and I know I should get used to this.

This afternoon, I accompanied my sister at National Bookstore to buy some filler notebooks and chalk for her use. While waiting for her to finish, I was about to pass by this shelf of properly arranged books when I had a glimpse of Daniel Handler and Maira Kalman’s very well illustrated and seems to be very well written, too, Why We Broke Up. Then my sister, probably saw me holding the book, approached me and excitedly said, “Yan yung gusto ko!” And I had another reason to buy the book. Having only around ₱500 (which, as planned, was for Bon Chon) in my wallet and the book costs as much, my sister was discouraged, however, I was not and still thought of pursuing it.

On the other side, Susane Colasanti’s So Much Closer caught my sister’s attention. Knowing me long enough and my excellent taste in these kinds of reads, she proposed the said book to me. And yes, by just the title itself, it appealed to me. Moreover that there’s a catchphrase written on the cover: Follow your matter where it takes you. I did not help, but simply giggle and admit that I also want to buy this book. Now I am hankering for the two books, but I then remembered that for almost a year, I still have not finished reading Fallen by Lauren Kate, and its succeeding series. Whereas I am bombarded with newspapers, feature articles, personality profiles, blotters, history books, and literary texts that are to be read for school that I can no longer find time to give myself a break. So many reads, so little time.

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