Sweet Saturday

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Waking up from a sweet dream on a rainy Saturday morning is not much of a good start for the weekend. Only if I have not acquired the allowable absences for the only class I have every Saturday, I sure would have not gotten off my bed. I waited for the suspension of classes before leaving home, but there was none. Left with the only choice of going to school, I unwillingly started the long ride.

I arrived, chilling caused by the cold wind and heavy rain, 30 minutes earlier for my 8am class and found our classroom empty with the doors locked. I saw people scattered in the hallway, whose faces were not-so-familiar. I did not have classmates around. How come? Where could they be? Do not we have class today? What kind of sorcery is this? Waited for the call time, but it got me all worried when it was 7:58am at my watch and I still have not seen any classmate of mine.

Sitting uncomfortably alone in front of room 202, Toni, my high school friend, together with her girlfriend, Kat, went out of a classroom in St. Raymund’s Building and asked me to stay with them. At around 8:05am, a few classmates already arrived. We still patiently waited until Jeffrey, a classmate, went into the room quick. “Suspended!!!” he shouted. Obvious disappointment in our faces, Kat, Toni, and I left the room and the sound of PA greeted us: Announcement: All classes are suspended due to inclement weather, from the Office of Secrerary General, effective 8:30am.

Excited to leave the campus, I lunged the flood, thrusted the strong wind, and dashed the heavy rain. While walking quite fast, I heard students screech. I wondered why. And I saw two girls in front of me jumping from one side to another. Looked at the ground and spotted cockroaches swimming. At last! I have seen and felt the things most Thomasians have been declaring.

Anyway, glad I went home not pissed at all. Why? Perhaps, it is for me to know and for you to find out. Sweet Saturday, it is!

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