All for the Love of Kina

Friday, August 10, 2012

Despite the torrential rains in Manila for about two days, I insisted in going to Teatrino Promenade to watch Kina Grannis’ In Your Arms World Tour 2012. Perhaps it was quite selfish of me to watch the show instead of helping out those affected by the strong southwest monsoon. But come to think of it, Kina comes in Manila once in a blue moon, and I already have purchased tickets for it. Besides, I am willing to extend my helping hand to the homeless and the unfortunates who were devastated by the calamity after the show.

8:15pm has finally arrived and few people was at the venue yet. Few moments later, Johnoy Danao was introduced for an intermission number. I honestly did not expect him, or anybody else to come out but Kina. Unbelievably, he has a very indie soft singing voice, which is quite far from what I expected—sort of alternative rock. He sang about five songs, but what I remember the most were Pagbigyan mainly because the very first words struck me, and Fix You since it was the only song I like by Coldplay.

At last! The most awaited came out of the long black curtains, the very beautiful Kina Grannis. Classy as she is, Kina walked through the stage with her cute guitar and a bottle of water. World in Front of Me was the first melody she sang, which completely made me a lot more excited than I was, for it was one of my favorite songs of her.

After Kina asked us to send her love for those who were not able to make it to her show and those who were affected by the natural disaster, she asked us to do something “awesome” for her record. We simply shouted our happiness out, then sang her a happy birthday. One of us brought her a cake on stage and made her blew the candles, and another handed her the huge birthday card we all signed. It was priceless to see Kina so surprised and overwhelmed. It was pretty much double the feel for me.

On the other hand, it was pretty sad how my iPhone was not good enough to take pictures. Although I tried photographing best angles, I still truly regret not brining my dSLR to the show. Anyway, it was done. Thanks to my mischievous sister who lent me cash, so I could buy the Stairwells album. And the best part of this event? I will let the picture speak for itself. Behind the photograph was a heartwarming greet from her and an uplifting hug from her, too. What rain? I travelled all the way to San Juan, all for the love of Kina. ♥

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