Calm Lenka

Monday, August 6, 2012

Just a few hours ago when our dear Secretary General Rev. Fr. Isidro Abaño, O.P., announced a suspension of classes from 12 noon today, in all levels. Another long weekend for me, which means more time to study quite hard for my exams. However, since I tired myself from cramming the review this morning, and the dominating cuddle weather was very much present around, I decided to spend little time just listening to music.

The Show by Lenka suddenly played on shuffle and I realized, “Oh! Lenka playlist seems to be perfect for the weather.” Then I started listening to her other songs and downloaded those I do not have a copy of yet. Cool how tranquilizing songs make me feel better and make my day more wonderful. Knock Knock, Maybe I Love You, and Everything’s Okay are my top three favorites of Lenka’s songs. Her voice in the aforementioned songs is very soothing and soporific. Indeed, calm Lenka it is. ☃

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