Lose Today, Gain Tomorrow

Monday, August 20, 2012

My usual Sunday night went watching Gandang Gabi Vice or GGV, then sleeping for my early Monday classes. But not last night.

While waiting for the next part of yesterday evening’s GGV episode, a preview of Cheche Lazaro PresentsBigatin was shown during the commercial break. Sitting on the table with my sister, who also saw the sneak of the said documentary, invited me to watch it with her.

After the enjoyment we got from contemplating the sexy dance moves of Enrique Gil and the delicately tantalizing eyes of Martin del Rosario on TV, it was about time for some reality.

Cheche Lazaro featured the gorgeous Iza Calzado, who was unbelievably obese during her adolescent years. “Food was really my best friend,” she said. She was suffering from childhood depression, according to her doctor, which probably led her to acquiring overweight. But she started watching her diet before graduating high school and starting losing pounds afterwards.

Iza shared that she went through a wrong diet—cut off her food intake. She gradually chopped her appetite until she reached the point where she hungers herself by eating only one sandwich a day. “Never ako nagworkout. And that’s something I regret to this day.” she admitted. Yes, she lost weight, but her skin was all saggy. And she did not seem to like it. Nevertheless, I think that is not something to look at now. She has attain being lean and fab anyway.

The words of Iza were not new to me. My persistent mom has been reminding me to do some regular exercise, or whatever possible way of losing weight. In August 2011, she supported me in joining a program in Fitness First that lasted for a year. I honestly was not as consistent as I was supposed to be because of certain grounds—school requirements, class schedule, family or friend affairs.

I lost weight despite the inconsistency, but slowly regaining those since I stopped going to gym. However, I am thankful I was able to watch the sneak peak of Cheche Lazaro Presents: Bigatin. Watching the documentary gave me strong motivation to lose weight today, and gain life tomorrow.

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