A Bali Experience

Sunday, November 4, 2012

In two days, it is going to be my first day of school for second semester of academic year 2012-2013. And before Monday, I planned to allot my last carefree weekend to prepare myself for stress again, and lose little pounds of the huge amount I gained.

This semestral break was the most unusual so far. I had three weeks of plain productivity—traveled a thousand miles, ate tons of food, read hundred statements, bought bags of items, learned lessons in driving, watched a number of movies and most especially, made the most out of the time to have fun with my family.

My extremely busy parents surprisingly had a peculiar plan early October for a vacation at Cintai Corito’s Garden. Well, maybe, all thanks to Deal Grocer for featuring the said resort. We had immediately booked a 3D/2N stay on October 25. However, that same day came a typhoon all over southern Luzon that made us rebook our schedule.

After my dad’s birthday, October 27, we rode to Batangas and checked-in. It was a 7-hectare pleasant garden, only 5 of which were well-developed and opened to public. We took picture of ourselves as soon as we arrived to our upgraded villa: from Terrace Villa to Garden Villa.

I had all angles of our entire villa, as the family’s amateur photographer, shot. We then watched movie at their movie house with free popcorn. As everybody agreed, we saw Inception. And butlers gave us yummy popcorn for free!

The whole place had an ultimately relaxing ambiance anybody would enjoy being in! Statues and plants made Cintai look so much like an Indonesian setting. It was indeed a fantastic Bali experience! ♡


  1. Even if I have'nt seen the pictures you have taken, my imaginary mind have pictured the place which is like bountiful place of relaxing elements to distress body and mind from city life.

  2. nice pictures ate.