More Happy Days

Friday, January 4, 2013

I told myself I would only post an entry in this blog again once I finish my three-page case study discussion paper. It was supposed to be due today, but I received an SMS saying our professor would not be attending class today. Basically, my Christmas vacation is extended for a day. So yay! I am writing for you again, Blogger!

This is officially my first post for 2013, and my first post for after more than a month. Perhaps, I was morose the last time I posted a humiliating entry that I was not able to update anymore. In other news, it is a new year—a time to start anew.

Honestly, I am not sure how people know that this certain year is “their year.” In my 18 years of existence, I think I have been living a fair and legitimate life. One year, as far as my memory can recall, is almost always equal to another. Things that happen in a 12-month span are mixture of joy, misery, exasperation, satisfaction, pleasure, delight, and other emotions words could not express.

And then I realized how people own a year. Happy days. They probably count or simply estimate the happy days they have this year, and compare it to the last one. But however they do it, what is important is that we know how to be happy. We should learn that even after a hundred discouraging situations, a thousand infuriating encounters and a million heartbreaking circumstances, we could be optimistic, and have a positive outlook in life.

So in 2013, I will make sure to have at least 183 happy days. I will make every day count and assure that my happy days will outweigh the sad ones. Happy New Year, Reader! ☆

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