Superwoman Recuperates

Saturday, March 23, 2013

When Superwoman cannot do it all, she goes downhill. But after she crumbles, she sure recuperates.

For the past two months, my to-do list has gone farther than my writings. My life consisted of article here, photo album there, homework here, exam there, reminisce here, date there, argue here, kiss and make up there—in short, ups and downs. Although the glitches seemed to last longer than the breakthroughs, both only served as a reminder that everything in this world is temporary.

Highlights on February 2013:
  1. My birthday was not so happy, but the days after were.My birthday rarely falls on a Sunday, at the same time, on Chinese New Year. I thought it would be special—Sunday, Chinese New Year, and my last teenage year. But dad and sister were not home, I had to cover an event in Binondo, and mom had work to do. Worse comes to worst, I lost my iPhone 4s my mom gave me for my 18th birthday. The thought that it was my mother’s present made me sob, but thinking it had many memories I kept for long made me weep.

  2. When one good thing leaves, a better one (or more) comes.It took me only a week to have accepted that perhaps, iPhone 4s was not meant for me. I just thought that maybe God wanted me to realize it is not about material things but other people’s quality time spent with me. What should matter is not the cake, balloons, or any gift, but the moments wasted catching up and some good laughs. It was no doubt that I felt more remembered and loved this year than the past 18 ones.

  3. Something will always be unknown on my Valentine’s Day.
    Who said Valentine’s Day are exclusively for couples? I secretly cut class to go out on a movie date, again, with friends this time. Anna had this crazy idea of exchanging Valentine gifts with me and Pau. The three of us met up in an SM mall and watched the movie, Warm Bodies. No matter how fictional it is, I cannot deny it to be one of the sweetest films I have ever seen. Moreover, anonymously getting my favorite chocolate seemed to be part of my February 14 since 2012.

  4. Time flies faster each day.
    People grow old, but only some grow up. I realized I was once a child—worry-free and always happy. Next year, I will no longer belong to the teen bracket; and I will be (hopefully) graduating college. I will more likely start to work, earn my own money, and live independently. I met up with some friends from high school and we fathomed our memories have happened years ago when it only felt days earlier. We talked about our friendships in the past, careers in the present, own families in the future.

Zenith of half of March 2013:
  1. First day of the month started fortunately.
    Every day is a blessing. It has been almost a year since I felt tickled pink and someone unexpectedly had the ability to flash a smile on my face. Lately, he gets my attention and I honestly feel good to see him once in a while. Having a small talk with that person on the first day of the month gave the good vibes for the entire March.

  2. “Everything you have always wanted arrives the very second you stop looking for it.”
    I never thought waking up one day and having all your special feelings for someone deleted from your heart is quite probable. One Monday, I woke up feeling a little numb, then realized I love him no more. Neither does it feel bad or good, wrong or right, not even sad or happy. It was all neutral.
Before my busy days return, I shall write a post every day. Past articles made for school as part of course requirements might also be published. Expect more PRs than rants. I do not have as much feelings as I did before that one Monday. Besides, when Superwoman goes back on duty, then gets tired, she will just have to get a rest. And after that, Superwoman recuperates.

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  1. Kasama ba ako diyan sa "My birthday was not so happy, but the days after were." Na yan? Bwahahaha!