The Lo Brothers Behind The Court

Monday, March 25, 2013

With their charming faces, pleasing visage, and good-looking physiognomy, it is almost impossible for one not to notice them.

Coming from different directions, the brothers arrived at Starbucks Coffee with a smile. The tension that was dominant beforehand immediately disappeared as soon as they reached the verge of the wooden floor. They then sat on the couch comfortably facing each other and sipped the Caramel Frappuccinos waiting for them.

The brothers had a little different aura from one another, but both seemed farouche since they would call themselves “shy type.” Wearing white T-shirt and black pants, Kim Kaizen Lo flashed an approachable look as he started talking. On the other side of the perfect-square coffee table, David Jefferson Lo on his all-black outfit exposed an affable appearance even if he has not yet spoken at all.

With their rising popularity in the University of Santo Tomas (UST) and in any basketball scene, Kim and David could manage to keep their feet on the ground. Kim, at the age of 20, has established a reputation of having the boy-next-door looks and the excellent basketball skills. And the 17-year-old David seems to follow the footsteps of his kuya, only in his own way. Soon, when he attends college, he would be known not to be as “the brother of Kim Lo,” but just as David Lo himself.

The Growling Tiger and the Tiger Cub were really laid back as opposed to what they said people think of them—masungit and mayabang. They have proven themselves friendly just in the way they move and communicate: no awkwardness and discomfort present from the beginning. With their benevolent personalities hiding in their cute “chinky” eyes, it is almost impossible for them not to be wanted as one’s companions.

It was past six in the evening, and the mellow music was playing still, more students coming at the coffee shop, and the casual conversation was smoothly flowing. Kim’s provocative banats and David’s makulit laughs simultaneously made the exchange more enjoyable and entertaining.

Millions of students curse Mathematics, but setting aside their full-Chinese blood, the brothers undeniably love Math. It could have been obvious to Kim, who took Industrial Engineering as his initial course, then shifted to Marketing in the College of Commerce, and to David, who still excels in the subject in his senior high school year.

While they do not have time to dislike any field, except for David who sometimes loathes Science, they have so much time to balance their basketball training and curricular activities. “Minsan, nagpupuyat para makapagreview. Tapos sa school, nakikinig na lang para hindi masyadong marami aaralin,” Kim revealed his technique. David, on the other hand, disclosed his secret of which to prioritize—training or schoolwork—he said, “Sabay.”

Many students have a hard time organizing their schedule when it comes to allotting a few hours for studying without Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram interrupting them. But these guys are so good at time management that they can accomplish their school requirements on time, finish their basketball training, and watch movies for leisure. And the latter could be something they both greatly enjoy. They often spend time with family watching great films, like their favorite: Avengers.

It is not just in classrooms they stand out, but also in courts they top. Of course, it is what they are known for—aside from their jersey numbers: #5 for Kim and #7 for David is their competence in basketball. With their star player moves, most of their fans assume that they are always serious during training. They do the drills, practice their movements, and work on their positions, yet they know how to have fun. Kim remarked, “Lagi kami nagkukulitan. Basta sobrang saya. Tapos kapag nandiyan naman yung coaches, siyempre, nagbbehave kami.” And for David, “Masaya sila kasama. Tapos minsan, ako yung nagsisimula ng mga jokes doon.”

Aside from doing the best defense and giving the most score they can, what can Kim and David contribute the greatest for their respective teams is to motivate their co-players. They are always willing to return the support given to them and even hand their teammates excess. And when they are the ones in court, they give everything they could for their team, for their school, for their family, friends, fans, and especially for God. Those are the ones that push them to their limits, and sometimes, even beyond.

With the selfless, humble person behind their ideal physique, it is almost impossible for them not to pass any girl’s dream boy. With their God-fearing, family-oriented nature obscured in their killer smiles, it is almost impossible for them not to be respectable elements of society. And with the diligent, strong-willed character past their six-feet height, it is almost impossible for them not to be successful one day.

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