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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

When a day starts odd, it usually ends twice or thrice as bad. But nothing beats a positive mind with affirmative thoughts.

Running late on a Monday at work is, for a punctual person, the worst. In addition, so much leg work without food intake or even a cup of coffee in the morning surely sucks.

It could have been true that heat in the environment adds to the heat in the person’s body that causes his or her rage. Exactly what happened to me just this morning.

As much as I loved the idea of commuting, I truly despised the journey I had at the start of the day. First, there was no carpool to TriNoma where the very first MRT station is. So I rode the one to Buendia, and disembarked at the corner of Quezon Avenue and Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue (EDSA). I walked from that edge until I reached the stairs leading to the terminal.

I marched from an Avenue to the next feeling exhausted as early as 6:30am. My stomach churned as if screaming for food. My view began to double and my surroundings seemed to turn upside down. I was starving, yet I had to wait a long line to enter the train not forgetting it was still eight stations to pass by.

7:15am, finally in Ayala. I even had to take two cabs to get to Southern Police District (SPD). (Please excuse my innocence at directions, someone from the North here!) And arrived at exactly eight in the morning, a little late for the launch. Lastly, I traveled to Taguig City with my colleagues, went home, and enjoyed most of the time of the day.

How it began did not matter as much as how it ended. Yes, it was bad at first, but was it worse than you expected it to be?

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