Solaire: An Appreciation of Beauty

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Solaire Resort & Casino has opened on March 16, 2013. Many guests and gamers started dropping into the hotel, and after more than two months of service, we paid a visit too.

I, together with my family, spent a night at Solaire on May 25 in celebration of my parents’ 20th wedding anniversary the following day. The resort is astonishing as its name sounds. And to support that statement, here are just some of the photos of its beauty:


Food Court

Dragon Bar

Since guests are not allowed to take pictures in the gaming area, which I observed to occupy huge part of the property, I just captured the stunning lights around the area. But aside from Solaire’s incredible beauty, its inviting ambiance, accommodating staff, and exquisite food summed up to an A for me.

Before traveling nationwide or outside the country, this five star auberge deserves to be on your must-visit places around Metro Manila. Solaire offers promotions and rewards that guests would surely find worth the price.

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