Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Being busy is the universal excuse.

Yes, it’s an excuse. Specifically, a bullshit excuse. I mean, of course we all become busy at a certain period, but how about at least trying to make it up with others?

Alright, you apologize. In fact, you always do. But did you know that it’s kinda useless swallowing your pride because on the contrary, you keep repeating the same thing all over again? You’re sorry by word, but not by act at all.

No matter how many times you tell people you’re busy without suggesting like, “Probably I’ll have more loose schedule by the end of the quarter” or something. Just the thought of you considering to reconcile would ease the tinge of pain in the “Sorry, I’m just busy.”

Personally, I hardly ever use that excuse. Or if I do, I give myself a week or two to accomplish everything so I could make time for others too.

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