Friday, July 12, 2013


Something new to my vocabulary of everyday life. Something I badly want to work on. It’s like another project to be put into effect as soon as possible. And since I’ve noticed that I’ve been the only person to have been chasing after the people who are most unreachable, and that it is tiring at one point, I decided to just stop.

I thought of those who are said to be “too busy” to make time to see you, “too unavailable” to call back, or even “too occupied” to reply to a simple hi. Maybe it’s about time to have their names erased on my call log having millions of unanswered phone calls and on my inbox having one-sided unanswered messages. I think I deserve some of their attention too.

But it’s kind of unfair. I mean, of course life is. So from today, they couldn’t expect an SMS from me first. No texts, no calls. It’s my turn to be missed. It’s my absence’s chance to be present.

In return, I wouldn’t expect anything from them too. I wouldn’t let myself become attached to most people again. Even friends. Because eventually, everybody leaves. So it’s a skill to be developed from now on—to detach oneself.

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