Fear Fear

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What do we gain when we fear? What do we lose when we fear?

When we fear to see, we miss the beauty of nature, the wonderful structures, and the beautiful faces. When we fear to hear, we miss the soothing humming of birds, the upbeat music, and the manly voices. When we fear to smell, we miss the aroma of plants, the scent of expensive perfumes, and the fragrance of warm bodies. When we fear to taste, we miss the delicacy of vegetables, the mouthwatering desserts, and the deliciousness of kisses. When we fear to feel, we miss the smoothness of God’s creation, the softness of manmade pillows, and the serenity of hugs.

But when we fear fear, we don’t miss as much as we do when we fear something else. There are risks, but no missed opportunities. There are defeats, but no regrets. Because in the end, we could always say, “At least I tried.”

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