Thursday, July 25, 2013

Few minutes ago, I have written a paragraph for tonight’s post about school when my 8Tracks mix played A Thousand Years. Nostalgia attacks once again. Twice in one day, huh.

So how do we know if we have actually moved on?

I’ve been contemplating on the answer for the past week when I finally thought maybe it’s when we have finally accepted that the past couldn’t and wouldn’t happen again, that whatever we had with our someones remains at the place at the time it occurred, that we simply remember the happy and sad moments with them without wishing they would happen again, still, with them.

It’s not easy; it never is.

Sometimes, I feel like I still get butterflies on my stomach when I see him and he awkwardly waves his hand and says hi. Other times, I feel completely nothing when we pass by each other and flash friendly smiles. Sometimes, I remember our times together through the sweetest songs I knew. Other times, I miss our long, long conversations late at night. But most of the time, I know I have moved on.

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