Monday, July 22, 2013

I cut my only class today to watch 1) President Benigno “NoyNoy” S. Aquino III’s fourth State of the Nation Address (SONA) and 2) tonight’s Brigada episode: Motel Crimes. And I don’t regret missing a seatwork for the two.

This kind of Monday making me feel profound (and inspired as usual) is so extraordinary. In the past years, I haven’t been this knowledgeable about my environment. In a long time, I haven’t be this aware about the world. I knew about history, about the past even the future, but merely about the present.

This is the longest of PNoy so far that ran one hour and 43 minutes. Regardless of numerous interruptions including applauses and president’s coughing, I was still impressed by his speech stating his unbelievable accomplishments. Knowing how the former administration was before PNoy, it could have been really difficult for him to transform the country into a better nation. In all fairness, although some complain they could hardly feel the change because of its slow phase, I am glad that there is, even just a little, positive change in the Philippines today.

Since 2010, 13 have been killed in a motel setting. Many couples check in a motel where there is an obvious lack of security and safety. This documentary serves, according to a concerned citizen, Maurice Abad, as an eye-opener for trysters who use these places for a night of sex, but often associated with criminality. Audience, therefore, who wish to do one night stands could choose to do it in other places where there is sufficient protection for them.

So let’s take advantage of the access we have to increase our awareness on local issues that at the end of the day, concern us. There are televisions, radios, and newspapers within our reach.

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