Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It’s too early to say that this week isn’t my week. Only three days have passed, so there are four more awaiting to be owned. But for now, I know I am screwed.

I tried to disregard the fact that I haven’t submitted any homework for my History class because 1) I wasn’t enrolled in the online blackboard, so I wasn’t able to get the skeleton of the table, and 2) I was 30 minutes late last meeting, so I didn’t bother to enter the room anymore—which also led to me missing my first quiz I really studied for.

Forgetting the Tuesday blues, here comes the Thursday mopes.

Tons of things to accomplish tonight for tomorrow:
  • Study for History’s interactive discussion;
  • Finish reading 121-page A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino by Nick Joaquin;
  • Answer our confusing assignment for Broadcast news writing;
  • Cast vote on topic proposal for Broadcast special report; and
  • Do powerpoint presentation on the final group topic.

Plus I have to wake up at seven in the morning and I still had time to write something here. I mean, of course, I don’t want to end my project this soon.

And to add bad luck on my two bad days, I missed the movie I waited so long for. I wanted to watch it so, so badly on the big screen only not to see Before Midnight on the now showing list. I’m so sad I wanna cry. While crying myself to reading Nick Joaquin’s writing, though, I found these lines from Candida Marasigan enlightening and timely: All this unpleasantness will pass. We will be happy again.

Anyway, I get to formally meet Atom Araullo this morning. So I guess my week so far is neutral after all?

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