Friday, July 19, 2013

“Kaya naman pala baliw ka sa kanya,” my friend, Ira, said after watching my 10-minute video interview with the Steve Dailisan. At last, someone understood me.

Maybe thesis isn’t a burden after all. Aside from gaining knowledge and squeezing creative juices, it led me and my thesis partner, Anna, to unimaginable opportunities. Through this major school requirement, we were able to meet the reporters of our dreams. Not to mention our unexpected turns to the same path with these gentlemen.

But what really caught me the past 24 hours was the video of the best hour or two of my life so far that I finally had a copy of. Thank you so much, Margi (turned Maegan)! My fangirl side has been showing up after watching it for the very first time. And I couldn’t seem to stop watching it all over again.

See? How could you not feel kilig when your idol looks at you that way? Thank God I did not evaporate during that time when deep inside I felt like an ice exposed to the sun dying to melt. I was about two inches away from him, for real. I mean, was I really sitting in front of such kind, eloquent man with tantalizing eyes and sweet smile?

It’s very much like a Drake-Wendy kind of relationship with the “I brought you some pickles (baked you some food for the gods). Oh, and will you marry me?” kind of moment. It’s an obvious one-sided admiration. Duh. I am just a fan who has someone to share my fangirl feels with. Happy birthday, Ira!

I hope, Sir, you’re not reading this though.

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