Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My patience was tested in more than half of the day. And I think I’ve surpassed the test going through the storms before the calm.

I’m not fully relieved, though, but I’m hoping to end the week with a peace of mind and heart.

I know how demanding my course is. I know how challenging, specifically Broadcast, is. But it never crossed my mind it would be this hard.

Straightforwardly, I could have taken any risk on my own and overcome all at once. I mean, just me all alone. Because since my Feature Writing days began, I never trusted anyone in my group. I’d always remember at this instance, from the start, I’ve told my close friend in the new group I doubt one member’s capability (not her overall capability, but just her capacity to perform well enough for the group to move together). And my friend said I shouldn’t judge others easily. I said, “It’s better to judge than to trust.”

And I wasn’t wrong. Now I’m on the line next to boiling point. She just did some crap I couldn’t let pass. Through my anger, I’ve forgotten good things that happened today. I almost cannot visualize the movie I just excitedly watched this afternoon. Some events in the great, fun Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo film were faded.

I can’t wait for tomorrow to end.

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