Sweet Sixteen

Monday, July 15, 2013

To the person who knows my ins and outs, my strengths and weaknesses, my unforgiving flaws, and my unbelievably odd types of everything, and only friend I don’t mind being entirely crazy with, I don’t care getting mad at for a long time knowing we’ll always have truce again, and I don’t take offense of foul, below the belt criticisms, happy, happy birthday!

I do this once in a blue moon, so take advantage of my fragmented statements full of sincerity. Read and understand every word I use to translate my thoughts of our sisterhood.

In 1997, you were born. I had someone to have our parents’ attention divided with. I had a creature to share with almost everything I wanted only for myself. I had a being having the same piece of all shit I was given. I wished I was the only child.

Only in the later years have I realized of the worth having you around (flattered ka naman). That someone, that creature, that being became my worst foe, but my best bud. Despite everyone leaving, I still have someone to share my repeatably annoying stories. I still have a friend to open my dilemmas to although she barely listens (she just hears) and give me the most nonsense pieces of advice.

And although you’re irritating in many ways, you’re still goddamn lucky, of course. You have shelter to stay at. I mean, notwithstanding the everyday commotions at home, you remain at peace neglecting every occurring fight. You have food to eat. You have all the basic needs. You have parents to support you. And most importantly, you have me to look up to (not to mention you somehow annoyingly imitate my ideas—e.g. “my feels”).

But no joke, I thank God now for giving you to me. I at least have a make-up artist to enhance my naturally beautiful face whenever I have to be presentable. I have a back-up movie buddy in case my date ditches me on our scheduled day of going out. I have an artsy staff to assist me on preparing gifts I have to give to someone special.

Again, happy sixteenth year on earth!!! May the odds be ever be in my favor though. Kidding, I love you with all bacon and cheese!


The Best Ate in the World

P.S. Sixteen is special to me, you know that. That’s why.

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