Million People March vs Pork Barrel

Monday, August 26, 2013

Uncertainty aside, I was eager and excited for my coverage today—the most talked about Million People March.

I knew how violent the rally could have possibly been. But I was very much fervently driven to attend not to simply cover the big event or support the organizations with their opinions, but for me, an individual with the freedom of speech, to speak and be heard.

For the first time, I exercised my right. I participated. And I can proudly say, I’ve been a part of history. Because I just didn’t witness the creativity of each Filipino through placards and poetry, I, myself experienced the unity from within.

And what caught me staring was this man holding a shirt “by God” with attached paper and written: TAX KO. INGATAN NIYO!!! This is pretty much the message of everyone in two powerful sentences—for all countrymen’s taxes be taken care of, to be allocated for the needs of the people not for the wants of the government officials.

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