Saturday, August 3, 2013

Going to school so much earlier than your class now has its perks? Or drawbacks?

I arrived at school at around 12nn, five hours earlier than my actual class. My excuse to leaving home early is I study in the library when what I really do is chitchat with Pau and indulge ourselves with coffee and desserts.

But today had a wrong time of continuous heavy rainfall few hours before 5pm. So classes were immediately suspended. And staying at the carpark for long made us helplessly stranded.

Nowhere to stay at, we walked around the four floors of the building ending up at the lobby with other students watching the flood with yucky oil spill above—a masebo-sebong baha, according to Pau. We noticed UST’s bus stopping from one building to another, transporting students who couldn’t leave to their desired places around the campus. We hitchhiked to P. Noval street and alighted there.

We left the campus, then walked to España, hoping to go home at that time. But we sighted the extremely heavy traffic on the main road. Returned to school, sat on the cemented seats of pavilions telling our parents we still couldn’t leave the area.

In a while, we went out again. Walked from one street to another, wishing to finally get rides home. Only, public transport was the worst choice at that time, so we decided to call our parents to fetch us instead.

Nothing happening in an hour, we chose to part ways already to wait for our respective fetchers. The clock ticked, it was already 6:30pm when I arrived near the main gate still seeing the flooded road. And I waited two more freaking hours for my parents and sister to come.

But there was a good deal after a long, stranded day at school: dinner at Yoogane.

Chicken Galbi with mozzarella cheese
Chap Chae
Thanks to Foursquare for our free complimentary drinks and Looloo for our 10% discount.

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