Saturday, August 17, 2013

Unexpected cocols are the best.

Today, I took my last exam for the week and stayed at school late in the afternoon. It was rainy and was hard to board public SUVs. I was waiting in vain when my artista-looking friend arrived. We rode the jeepney to TriNoma and went to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for lemon squares and iced lattes.

Just in time for escape from home, Kristine and I hung around and shared same feelings but opposing thoughts. 

My feelings need not to be emphasized (I mean, they have long been stressed out throughout the past years), but isn’t it just nice to entertain things and beliefs from others? An exchange of pieces of shit, rather pieces of advice, that goes within our cups of coffee is really awesome.

It’s like meeting someone you never thought you’d be close to. Really glad to have friends like you!

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