Thursday, August 15, 2013

What’s in the room for two friends who haven’t seen and kept in touch with each other in seven, long years?

My answer is: A lot. I’ve just proven that time and distance do not hinder anything. Nor do they keep two things totally apart.

Noelle was my classmate in first year high school. We’ve been very good friends for a year, but I had to leave The Seed Montessori School (TSMS) in second year high to return to Miriam College (MC) to continue my studies there instead. She left TSMS before third year and flew to California to stay there for good.

I don’t remember talking with her since I left. We haven’t caught up in seven years and only met again today since she paid Philippines a visit and staying here for three weeks. So I did not hesitate in adjusting my schedule to meet with her, and so we did!

Although we were supposed to be a trio, Noelle and I still stayed for hours at Moonleaf and eventually moved to Calda Pizza to grab some Italian dinner.

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