Monday, August 5, 2013

While walking to my college building, I overheard two girls in all-white uniform talking. One said with so much feels to the other, “You know, if he doesn't like you, it's okay! There are many people who will like you anyway.”

Again and again and again, I remembered you today.

After turning on my laptop this morning, my new wallpaper surprised me. And just now, right just now, a student asked her professor when he will be coming back to the U.S. Mister said, “August 13.” Then it dawned on me, echoed voices of August 13. August 13. August 13.


I feel haunted all over again. It's as if this month wouldn't end without putting shimmers on that day—the day that was supposed to be celebrated. The day that was supposed to be ours. But everything ended before they could even begin.

Now, they're all laid on the Memory Lane. What's the point of digging it all up? I mean, we're through! Aren't we? I've moved on. I've forgotten the fact you're irreplaceable 'cause you are so not. I've removed the daily dosage of your sweet messages from my system and hey, I survive every day without them for almost a year now. So why are you coming back?

I didn't mind you screwing it all up before, right? I never talked to you about it ever again. I ignored you as much as I could. I tried to forget everything as soon as I could. And now that I've finally learned to enjoy life (again) without you, you're there?

What the hell.


  1. Estamos en la misma edad pero que escribimos mucho mejor de le me

  2. This is just. So. Accurate.