Thursday, August 1, 2013

Without someone to look up to, I don’t know how I would manage the career path I’ve long wanted to pursue. Without someone to look up to, I don’t know how I would survive each major course I’ve been enrolled to.

What a first day of August it is: cut classes, crammed requirements, talked bullshits.

So today’s the continuation of my anger from yesterday. But my exasperation was nonsense to the wrath my class had experienced tonight.

It killed me how much of a low-quality my group had. It needled me how most of us sucked ‘editorially’ (and literally for me). But it knocked me how much more I have to give to this course, how much hard work I need to offer more.

From now on, I have to develop my nose for news. I have to improve my video editing skills and enhance my leadership skills. I have to strive harder for more difficult things to be prepared in the very, very near future—when I’ll start working hand-in-hand with fellow reporters and communicate with better journalists.

So maybe, just maybe, if I don’t have someone to look up to, all of this—I wouldn’t be able to do.

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