Saturday, September 14, 2013

I couldn’t say more. It’s possible pala to not maliciously think of anything while hearing (yes, not listening to) a familiar song and just realize yours eyes are clouded with water waiting to fall. Then it registers to your soul that yet again, memories collect like old friends:

  • Those literal “Sunday morning, rain is falling” times when you drive to either Tagaytay or Batangas to spend time with your family, while today, I just spend my Sundays with my family totally not minding my phone about anything but school-related things;
  • The thanks-Apple-for-iPhone season because we had unlimited iMessaging of “how was your day”s, not to mention that we both use non-iPhone phones now;
  • Those wee hours when I pretended to be insomniac for staying up super late to have conversations of kulitan and ‘pilosopohan’ with you, while I seem to actually have become nocturnal now—totally having a hard time sleeping when all I do is just lie on my bed, nothing;
  • Those repeated walks in the suffocating corridors of our college building when the longest we could have after two years was yesterday’s—from the library to my classroom;
  • Those breakfasts, lunchs, and meriendas at McDo with the usual Coke Float, and I only consider McDo last today, avoiding to order the food we used to; and
  • It might actually take me forever to list every inch of memory we shared.

Truly, it’s impossible to unlearn things you weren’t even taught of. But things change; and so do people. Even those you thought would never do.

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