Saturday, September 7, 2013

While the One Post A Day Project has been abandoned, I hope crazy feelings shall be abandoned too! (And the background music that accompanies my journal for September breeze.) But I think one way to lessen bitterness in soul is through writing down those thoughts and feelings.

Through the years, I’ve experienced all types of hopes. And I think it’s something that we effortlessly gain yet something we lose just as easily.

What do you do when the family you thought the best of suddenly starts to fall apart? Maybe it’s the pinch of hope and tons of faith we have to hold onto possibilities. I just hope for the best.

Similar to hope, it’s one thing we lose easily. But it’s not something we acquire in a snap. It is earned. And once the trust is lost, it’s hard to have/give it again.

As much as I want to hide, I just couldn’t. It’s a thousand disappointments all over again. And now, you can consider me a pistanthrophobic. It’s like I lost the hope in trusting others again.

I guess I’m too busy to talk about this. Loljk, today is the day I thought of you. Purposely.

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