Friday, October 4, 2013

I told myself this morning (technically, yesterday morning) that as soon as I get home, I’ll talk to my Lola whom I haven’t spoken to for quite some time. And just when I finally had the courage to tell her how terribly sorry I am for all the pain I’ve caused her, or to at least remind her that despite the silence between us, I love was too late to let her know.

I went home after passing by the chapel where her remains lie. I entered the living room, seeing the couch feeling so empty of her presence. Then I remembered all the times she sat there and wait for me to “bless” when I get home. She never forgot to say “God bless” every time.

Feeling down, I walked through our corridor ending up at the altar. Then I remembered all the times she sat at the red chair and pray the rosary every six in the evening. She never forgot to pray every day.

Resisting my tears to fall, I remembered all the other good memories I shared with her. They outweighed the bad.

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