Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 is my worst year yet.

It went by too fast without some days’ ride being enjoyed.

Definitely, a lot happened this year. I met a few famous people—basketball players, politicians, businessmen, TV reporters, and celebrities. I did a few out-of-my-comfort-zone activities like riding the jeepney alone, covering violent events, and being civil with someone I used to hate.

But the most important part comes after the meeting and the doing. It’s when I can say, “Hey! I accomplished something.” And this year, there were a lot of accomplishments I can proudly gush about (but of course won’t).

Last year, I included in my new year’s resolution list to acquire a more positive mind. And how could I be positive without the tests in life waiting to be taken?

So of course, struggles have been served right in front of me in some days (or maybe most days). But the thing is I never lived a day without thinking I could overcome them. So I did.

It is true that all is in the mind. Our minds are as powerful as guns. They instruct our bodies, they manipulate our actions. Whatever or however we think, we show.

What are trees without life? What are flowers without life? What are oceans without life? What are mountains without life? What are humans without life? What is everything without life?

This year taught me to be more appreciative of things, especially the littlest ones. Because indeed, we only realize the worth of something when we already lost it. So I thanked each person who joined my crazy rides and made my year worthwhile. Thank you.

God, You are more than amazing. Life will be nothing without you. Thank You.

It’s safe to say that 2013 is my worst year because the best is yet to come. Happy 2014!

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