Thursday, December 5, 2013

Reading A Rose for Emily for my literature class, eating carrot cake to ease little pain, and drinking fancy iced tea after a cup of coffee were a fail. I wasn’t able to read even half of the selection, to eat a quarter of the sliced delicacy, or to sip once from the straw waiting to be touched.

Because I couldn’t help but think of how overpowering negative thoughts are, how unstoppable to scream my ability to be invisible to only one person despite the silence, how annoying it could get in the end because I thought, just thought, we are friends. But in turns out we were. Were.

Lol, isn’t it hilarious I’ve been wasting time over something I already know about. Yes, I asked you and you answered me. So what am I still trying to figure out?

Amazing as a young me had wished, “If I would have one superpower, I’d like to be invisible.” Tada! Wish granted!

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