2014 Bucket List

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

While I begin my new year with fireworks, I’d like to have my bucket list publicized so as my readers would serve as witnesses that I once had such hopes. So let me start off with the simple ones:
  • To lessen my caffeine intake aka Starbucks every day. How about limit my Starbucks spending to once a week at most?
  • To read more books. How does at least 50 books sound?
  • To live a (more) healthy life. Obviously needed. Gym after school, yes?
  • To take photos more. We can never relive another day, better have something to remind of it.
  • To (totally) get out of my comfort zone. Go home via jeepney.
  • To organize things and hope they will go according to plan. Remember the purpose of Starbucks planner. Imagine how many cups of coffee I had for that!
  • To travel alone at least once this year—everything else follows.
  • To get a driver’s license.
  • To get a job I like.
  • To get drunk.
  • To open up to a stranger. Maybe someone in the train or at a park.
  • To give “better” gifts this Christmas. How about try celebrating with kids in an orphanage?
And the two deep hopes comes:

Not the save the best for last kind, but the save the best forever. Save whatever can be saved. Save whatever that’s worth the time, effort, and gratitude. Save money, save memories, save people.

What’s better than having long-term investments? Invest in everything that’s worth the risk. Invest in knowledge, invest in business, invest in people.

Let’s see what this year has for me. As listed above, I hope for more. Surprise me, 2014.

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