Monday, January 13, 2014

As I opened the white gates in our garage, I felt an excitement. Like a child who sees the colorful lollipop she’s been craving to taste.

Then I walked back and forth in the Garnet under the dim of orange lights with the sounds of passing vehicles outside the village and footsteps of neighbors walking on the other street.

I looked at the dark sky I haven’t adored in quite a while. It made the trees silhouette, very beautiful and sad-looking at the same time.

As I walked more laps, I reached the end—the mixed green and white gates that never opened. Then I stared at the outside. Everything’s different in the outside of our Heights. The streets looked busier than ours, so did the people there. There were about ten people who passed by in my standing for about a minute. They seemed to be on their way home from work.

And as I stared longer at the busy streets, I realized I might have been locked in a safe place the way I was stuck inside the gates filled with wires that never opened.

One of these days, I hope sooner than expected, I’ll get my shit done and start working on life the way it’s planned.

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