Thursday, January 23, 2014

I guess I’ve been perfectly fine for the last five months. I mean, without you. I was okay without you in my life anymore. I didn’t think of you, what you were doing, how you have been, and the like. I didn’t even miss you or the idea of us or how we were before it all drifted apart.

On New Year’s Eve, we exchanged words and sort of “closed” everything. You even asked me not to forget about you and to (still) give you attention whenever we pass by each other. But all it took was one question by an innocent friend, “Do you still talk?”


So we talked about you for a few minutes and changed topics eventually. I fell asleep and the next thing I know I dreamt about you. Oh yes, I know, right? Not in months! What happened was…
I had a small party at my house for my birthday’s celebration. I wasn’t sure if I actually invited you but it seemed like I thought of doing so, and you appeared to my doorstep with a bouquet of my favorite green roses and spoke your message to me. It said something like, “I’m glad I met you and that we happened. I hope we take this chance to start anew. I miss you, happy birthday” with the sincerest of voices and eyes.
How timely that it’ll really be my birthday in about two weeks! Definitely, I had to tweet about it. Seconds after my 130-something-character thought has been posted, I looked through my timeline and saw your tweet saying, “John Legend and The Corrs playlist. #goodiesoldies” and all I had in mind was what the fuck.

What the fuck. Just in time, I was listening to John Legend’s Made to Love. But it doesn’t end there. I saw you thrice yesterday (wow to the happenings in one day, eh?). Is the world that small?

And then I ended up going through your Facebook profile, which I haven’t done in ages, read your letters to me, look at your gifts, all over again. Again. Again!!! Why???

Because of all this, I just came to a conclusion that once a person loves another, he or she never stops loving him or her—maybe just less (or worse, even more) or a little bit different, but never stops.

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