Saturday, January 25, 2014

The sound of guitar strings, piano pieces, and drum noise were so loud they made my heart beat twice as fast. It’s as if my chest was an instrument tagged along with the moving melody of my all-time favorite OPM band. And my heartbeat quadrupled when I saw a familiar face in the impatient crowd of young adults waiting for the lovely Armi Millare to start singing the words some people are too afraid to utter.

I looked twice to my left to confirm if it was really you I saw or it was just a figment of my imagination. But I remember while I was on my way to Makati, I read your declaration of your plans last night—attend the concert too. To my defense, it was a long-time plan to come to last night’s event with my sister and cousins for two ultimate reasons:
  1. Up Dharma Down
  2. Thesis break
Although, I admit, I already thought of the huge chance of seeing you at Don Bosco’s Anniversary Celebration beforehand thine considering its actuality, I blocked my mind with the unassuming thoughts like “He won’t be there ‘cause he’d be in class.”

But what were the odds that both of our 6-9pm class professors were not around? And that we’d be in the same place at the same time, breathing the same cold air, despite the over 1000 people in the field? And that the less than five people standing between us left just in time for the intro of Tadhana?

As much as I’d like to avoid, the unexpected circumstance resulted my friends to the conclusion that it could be something more than a coincidence. “Up Dharma Down na nagsabi, Tadhana (Destiny) yan.” And it was just as surprising how the universe seems to conspire (not that it’s against me, I’m just not in favor of it) for us to get less distance. Literally.

For the past few months, I thought I’m done feeding my brain with unhealthy ideas of serendipity. Yet life surprises me with something I’d never forget.

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