Dreams: Unconscious Wishes or Reflections of Waking Life?

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

This is the beginning of my love-hate relationship with sleep—when dreams interfere.

For two consecutive nights, you were in my dream. But last night’s shaken me quite strong. I am guessing that it wasn’t [just] because of the horror-themed parts wherein I was attacked by a lady zombie, but mainly because of the other things that occurred in it.

It’s horrible how the other things would possibly happen the way it did in my dream and in real life. Since we haven’t spoken for more than a week, I’d like to believe Sigmund Freud that “dreams are roads to the unconscious mind,” that dreams are wish fulfillments of the unconscious.

But then, the latter part of this nightmare where your group of friends told me we’re quite like a “secret couple” as they worded it. One of your buddies told me you kept talking about me, then about this girl and another. For the past months, my friends told me you were obviously into me, which I’d confuse myself to believing George Domhoff as well. He said that dreams reflect people’s waking thoughts.

I don’t know, maybe I’d just like to distract myself to keep these kinds of things (or actually, just anything that has something to do with you) away from my mind. So I guess it’s good that we’re not talking.

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