My Dream House

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It is a two-storey building with white walls made of cement and glass windows seen as soon as you enter the tall, black gates. There are two cars in the garage and a small garden beside it.

Once you enter the wooden doors from the patio, a beige sofa beside the grand piano invites you to have a seat. There’s a small, rectangular coffee table right in front of you, facing the glass windows where the garden is visible.

There is, of course, a kitchen with stove, oven, sink, refrigerator, and every utensil required to make food. Upstairs are three bedrooms and one master bedroom, all fully-furnished with equipment needed.

There’s a rectangular swimming pool in the backyard where I can practice my favorite stroke. My dogs also freely roam around it since the backyard is filled with grass.

It is only a building complete with the accessories and appliances, but my dream house is something more like a place I can call home.

(Speech Power, May 5, 2014, ECF 3)

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