Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Somewhere between the smiles, the his and hellos, the random questions, something begins—a friendship.

More often than not, two people become friends after an exchange of happy faces through “what is your name”s, “how old are you”s, etcetera, until they find the common ground they share. Other times, two people are just born friends like sisters who are totally opposites but keep a friendship in between. And sometimes, two people become friends to build a stronger foundation for greater romantic relationship.

There might be different kinds of friendship in one’s life, but all of them are created with trust, respect, understanding, and love. When one of the ingredients is not present, the friendship is not likely to work. Or if it works, it doesn’t last. So at the end of the day, in a friendship, what matters is not how two people became friends, but what does their friendship have that will make it last.

(Speech Power, May 14, 2014, ECF 3)

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