Going Too Far

Monday, June 16, 2014

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Admittedly, the beginning of this story didn’t spark me an interest, which kept me from reading it in the shortest time possible. But as soon as Margaret, or more commonly known as Meg, was arrested with her friends—Eric, Brian, and Tiffany—at the bridge being drunk and stoned, and forced to go with a cop as her punishment, I got excited.

All the more that it thrilled me when Officer After, the cop Meg had to accompany in his shift for a few nights, happened to have some story with her beforehand. Johnafter was classmates with Meg in high school. He was a year ahead of her, but decided not to go to college.

I like how everything was written like it’s all adjectival and nicely strange. It’s cute how Meg, unlike the typical lead role for girls, has blue hair with strands of purple at her back. It’s also unusual, or probably I just haven’t read something close to it, to have a cop as a profession of the lead character who falls in love with a former classmate who’s still in senior high.
  • “It was touching for him to be so sweet to a criminal.”
  • “Like I admired him from afar, but I knew I didn’t have a chance with him.”
  • “I’d discovered all sorts of buttons I could push to make him feel vulnerable.”
  • “If I could save just one person, just you, all this would be worth it.”
  • “His dark eyes challenged me. They were weapons that could hurt me.”
  • “I knew not to get too close, because it was easier to see what was going on from the outside.”
  • “He really likes you.” “He does stuff that makes me think so. And then he does stuff that makes me think he doesn’t like me at all.”
These quotes give justice to the plot that was pretty well thought of and turned into a compilation of words. Going Too Far is a great story after all with the twists, humor, and a little bit of cliché. And...I think I have a crush on Johnafter. Sorry, Meg.

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