Thursday, June 19, 2014

Have you ever felt like you’ve known one person so well and after a few months without talking, suddenly, you don’t know anything about him or her anymore? ‘Cause I have. And it’s sad.

One day, I know almost everything about my friend. Like what time he wakes up and sleeps if he ever sleeps at all, what he does all day, what’s his favorite food, favorite movie, favorite series, songs, etc. And then we went on a couple of months without talking because he missed my birthday for the first time in our years of friendship, and he never even initiated a conversation since.

Today, I had to ask him something if he could help me understand legal terms ‘cause my dad’s too busy to answer a simple question like that. If he does, he sure would have a dozen of explanations, which would just confuse me even more. And then my friend and I talked for a few hours, which I have to admit, I missed doing. Like I missed knowing he cared, you know.

So I took the chance and asked him if he wants to hangout and catch up over coffee. And this sad thing happened: I forgot he doesn’t drink coffee. I. Forgot. My friend. Doesn’t drink coffee! Instead of getting mad, he laughed about it like he usually did. And instead of laughing off with him, I got mad.

Then I came to the realization that maybe it isn’t distance that separates two people from one another, but the time spent apart is.

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  1. I've felt that way too. It really is sad. Btw, you write so well! Hoping to read more of your posts. :)